District Leadership

At the core of this program are four key areas of emphasis: personal leadership, effective teaming, change management and aligned systems and structures. Superintendents will select key members of their core team to accompany them on the Holdsworth journey as they work together to build a common vision and roadmap for strategic talent management in their individual districts.

Campus Leadership

The Campus Leadership program will mirror the themes raised in the District Leadership program, but will be tailored to a specific problem of practice focused on student outcomes at the campus level. The principals will bring their core team members along for the journey and together, they will develop a common vision and roadmap for developing future leaders.

District Support

A District Support team from Holdsworth will provide embedded assistance to district leaders as they assess their current approach to leadership development, identify key strengths and weaknesses and design a new strategy and plan to implement across the entire system.

The District Leadership program lasts year one and two. The Campus Leadership program will be a series of five cohorts from year two through five. District Support will be included throughout all five year.

Designed for real change
across your district

What does it mean for a leader to be a part of The Holdsworth Center program?

Travel internationally to explore innovative models of education.

Craft a strategy to improve your district and cultivate leadership.

Learn to communicate your vision in a compelling way and build support among stakeholders.

Receive on-the-ground support from Holdsworth staff with data collection, analysis and implementation of your strategic plan.

Be part of a world-class community of educators and enjoy support and resources throughout your career.

Bring your team along for the journey. Focus will begin with the superintendent, then expand to superintendent’s teams, principals, and principals’ teams in order to build capacity throughout the system.