Leadership is a journey,
not a destination

Strengthening our current school leaders so they can successfully lead and sustain change throughout our districts is not a quick fix. Holdsworth will help our partner districts to build systems and structures that will stand the test of time. Our five-year partnerships will include immersive experiences for leaders and their teams combined with embedded support within the district to ensure the learning continues in between sessions.

Our goal is to build a world-class training and leadership retreat center that our public education leaders can take great pride in and turn to for support and growth.


Where we are headed

We believe the opportunities to further grow and develop our school leaders are broader than the work directly in front of us. In the coming years, we hope to design and launch new, supplemental programs for teacher leaders as well as aspiring principals and superintendents, and to host statewide events and conferences that will further enhance our ability to provide a quality education to all students.

In 10 years, we hope to serve:


school districts




school leaders

Photo of Dr. Ruth Simmons delivering a graduation speech

So often today, we get involved with policies, curricula, buzzwords and ideas that have very little to do with the children sitting in the seats of our schools.

— Dr. Ruth Simmons