Video: The basics of good teamwork

One of our beliefs at Holdsworth is that the most enduring work is done by teams, not individuals.

That’s why we focus learning on how to work effectively in teams. In a high-performing group or team, everyone understands what their roles are, the work styles of others around the table and the ground rules for how team members will behave.

Our Campus Leaders spent a day practicing teamwork with David Bradford, author and professor emeritus at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

In the videos below, David Bradford speaks to the motivation for his life’s work and breaks down basic concepts of good teaming.

“It’s opening our minds to, ‘What type of leader am I, and what type of leader do I aspire to be?” said Gloria Gonzalez, principal at Marcia Garza Elementary in Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD.

Are you working in a group or a team? David Bradford explains the distinction, and why it makes a difference.


Do you butt heads with people who think differently than you? David Bradford explains how different work styles can be healthy when there are ground rules in place.