Designing moments for the new school year from author Chip Heath

If you think back to your college years, says The Power of Moments author Chip Heath, chances are your memories will take you to the first six weeks of your experience. That’s because everything is so new and engaging—those memories are more likely to stick in your mind.

“Life isn’t universally remembered,” Heath says. “If you think of the world in terms of designing moments…it simplifies things.”

The first few weeks of a school year can set the tone for the entire year. As administrators and teachers prepare for a new year, it’s important to remember a few things when designing moments:

  • Build authentic connections with people
  • Elevate their experiences
  • Give insights and convey pride in ways that celebrate people

According to Heath, these are key aspects of a new experience that make all the difference and set the foundation for a successful and positive school experience for everyone.

Learn more about how to design moments from author Chip Heath, who shared these insights with Holdsworth District Leadership Program participants.