District Support Program: The personalized approach

One of the most unique—and impactful—aspects of The Holdsworth Center’s five-year program is the District Support team. Every participating district is assigned a District Support team made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets who are on district campuses three days per week supporting their change efforts. This allows district leaders to apply what they’re learning in real time and see the effects of change on a day-to-day basis.

District Support Program

For five years, this team works hands-on with district leadership to conduct Holdsworth talent assessments, a full diagnostic of current leadership development practices; to create a roadmap, their action plan to address specific talent or leadership gaps; and develop  the processes, tools, and skills necessary for systematic improvement in how they identify, develop, place, and support leaders throughout the district.

Each district’s support team supplements and improves district ability to design and manage a comprehensive talent management strategy, so that once the five years is over, the district leaders have all the tools necessary to continue impacting their team members, and in turn, their students.

One of the districts currently in the program is Round Rock ISD. Superintendent Steve Flores spoke with The Holdsworth Center about the impact his assigned District Support team has already made since their arrival and how the knowledge that they’re not alone in their journey is what resonates the most.

According to Mandy Estes, Round Rock ISD’s Chief of Teaching and Learning, The Holdsworth Center’s district implementation support is “second to none.” Having side-by-side support from Holdsworth has allowed Estes and her team to accomplish some of the “heavy lifting” that was needed in their district.