What’s Inspiring Us in December

Jennifer Ellison

Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum, Southwest ISD
San Antonio, Texas

What’s Inspiring You?

First Responders, including my brother, Jason Bobo with Company F of the Texas Rangers.

Why Do They Inspire You?

These brave, selfless men and women get calls to some of the most horrific scenes imaginable. They put themselves in harm’s way to protect civilian peace and prosperity. The toll on their minds and souls will never be measured fully, but is appreciated greatly.

During the Sutherland Springs shooting, the Texas Rangers were the investigative lead and the FBI assumed a support role. My brother Jason is one of only a couple of Texas Rangers who were trained at the National Forensic Academy (the same utilized by FBI).


Kristina Snow

Director of Leadership DevelopmentRound Rock ISD
Round Rock, Texas

The Best of Frank Sinatra

What’s Inspiring You?

My “Best of Frank Sinatra” CD

Why Does This Inspire You?

I purposefully choose JOY everyday, and there is nothing like blasting Sinatra on the commute in to work to put a pep in my step!

Lloyd Verstuyft

SuperintendentSouthwest ISD
San Antonio, Texas

What’s Inspiring You?

Monica Salvador

Why Does She Inspire You?

Monica is a clerk at our transportation department. She committed an act of kindness for a mother that called her earlier this month, inspiring me as well as the mom, who wrote us a full letter of gratitude in return.

When a mother called us from work, panicked because her daughter missed her bus, Monica was the one who fielded the call. After ensuring that the mom felt settled, Monica asked for her daughter’s cell phone number, rerouted another bus to pick the daughter up, and called her with instructions on where to go and what the new bus number was. She even followed up to make sure she arrived to school safely.

In the mother’s letter she stated, “I don’t not know who the person was that answered my call, but that lady made me feel like I was the most important person on earth that day and totally respected my needs as a parent.”

Monica’s small act of kindness when no one was watching is extremely inspiring to me.

school bus

Ryan Smith

Executive Director of Teaching & LearningRound Rock ISD
Round Rock, Texas

Bored and Brilliant

What’s Inspiring You?

The Bored and Brilliant Challenge

Why Does This Inspire You?

I’ve been a big fan of Manoush Zomorodi and her podcast Note to Self for a few years. She recently turned the Bored and Brilliant Challenge into a book and it has reinvigorated my efforts to put down my devices and embrace connections, presence, and the importance of boredom.