A map of Texas with the seven selected districts plotted

Announcing our first district partners

We are pleased to announce that we have selected our first seven districts. Through extensive vetting and school visits, we chose districts for our first cohort who share a commitment to prioritizing leadership development within their organizations.

Meet the selected districts

Arlington ISD

Superintendent: Marcelo Cavazos

President of the board: Jamie Sullins

Grand Prairie ISD

Superintendent: Susan Hull

President of the board: Burke Hall

Klein ISD

Superintendent: Bret Champion

President of the board: William Pilkington

Lamar Consolidated ISD

Superintendent: Thomas Randle

President of the board: James Steenbergen

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Superintendent: Danny King

President of the board: Ben Garza

Round Rock ISD

Superintendent: Steve Flores

President of the board: Diane Cox

Southwest ISD

Superintendent: Lloyd Verstuyft

President of the board: Mike Frazier

The selection process

Our goal with each cohort of districts is to represent the diversity of Texas. For our first cohort, we divided the state into five distinct regions based on student population and invited a total of 26 different districts to apply. For our official launch, we sought districts who embodied the following:

Growth mindset

Participating districts demonstrate a willingness and desire to grow and improve.

Commitment to leadership

Work is already underway in the district to support the development of future leaders.

Leadership stability

Districts embody a productive and healthy relationship between the superintendent and the board of trustees, and between the superintendent and his or her cabinet members.

Execution excellence

Districts show proven ability to lead and implement strategic change across the organization.

District finalists