Once the District Leadership program is underway, Holdsworth dives deeper with each participating district, launching a two-year program designed for sitting principals and their teams. The core focus has three main leadership objectives.

Teacher development

Identify and foster teacher leadership within your schools.

Individual growth plans

Design essential growth and development opportunities as you build processes for frequent feedback and coaching at the campus level.

Campus transformation

Cultivate a continuous improvement mindset and a culture of collaboration, innovation and problem solving at the campus and classroom levels as you work through a specific problem of practice focused on student achievement.

Each district will send successive cohorts of principals to Holdsworth, with the goal of serving 50 to 60 percent of principals over the course of the five-year partnership.

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Other programs

District Leadership

At the core of this program are four key areas of emphasis: personal leadership, effective teaming, change management and aligned systems and structures. Superintendents select key members of their core team to accompany them on the Holdsworth journey as they work together to build a common vision and roadmap for strategic talent management in their individual districts.

District Support

A District Support team from Holdsworth provides embedded assistance to district leaders as they assess their current approach to leadership development, identify key strengths and weaknesses and design a new strategy and plan to implement across the entire system.