The curriculum begins with a two-year program designed for sitting superintendents and key members of their leadership cabinets. The program has been crafted by thought leaders from around the country, giving participants a truly unique experience.

Field research

Visit and learn from high-performing organizations (i.e., H-E-B, Singapore, Canada and others) to study the way they intentionally approach leadership development.

Effective teaming

Participate alongside your key cabinet members in order to build your district’s capacity around distributed leadership and shared decision making.

Personal leadership

Participate in a rigorous 360, hear from experts from around the country and enjoy time and space to reflect on your own leadership.

Change leadership

Learn from leading experts from business and education about how to “make change stick” through effective communication, training and improvement science.

Aligned systems and structures

Elevate the vision for leadership excellence within the district and build a strategy for change. Work with your team to ensure the systems, processes and resources are in place to make your vision come to life.

Over the course of the two years, we require 60-70 days of district leadership team time commitment to meet the learning objectives.

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Other programs

Campus Leadership

The Campus Leadership program mirrors the themes raised in the District Leadership program, but is tailored to a specific problem of practice focused on student outcomes at the campus level. The principals bring their core team members along for the journey and together, they develop a common vision and roadmap for developing future leaders.

District Support

A District Support team from Holdsworth provides embedded assistance to district leaders as they assess their current approach to leadership development, identify key strengths and weaknesses and design a new strategy and plan to implement across the entire system.