Throughout the five-year partnership, the Holdsworth District Support team assists each district in implementing an internally aligned system for leadership development. Each district receives customized support delivered through four main phases.

Conduct Holdsworth talent assessment

Analyze district performance through a full diagnostic of current leadership development practices. We know that every district is different and the Holdsworth journey for each participant will begin in a different place depending on culture and local context. The District Support team will assist the development of individual district goals.

Create roadmap

Develop an action plan to address specific talent or leadership gaps prioritized by the district.

Identify, develop and support talent

Build the infrastructure, processes, and tools necessary for systematically developing a bench of talent to meet current and future leadership needs.

In essence, the District Support team works to supplement and then build district capacity to design and manage a comprehensive talent management strategy—one that can be sustained independently over time.

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Other programs

District Leadership

At the core of this program are four key areas of emphasis: personal leadership, effective teaming, change management and aligned systems and structures. Superintendents select key members of their core team to accompany them on the Holdsworth journey as they work together to build a common vision and roadmap for strategic talent management in their individual districts.

Campus Leadership

The Campus Leadership program mirrors the themes raised in the District Leadership program, but is tailored to a specific problem of practice focused on student outcomes at the campus level. The principals bring their core team members along for the journey and together, they develop a common vision and roadmap for developing future leaders.