Holdsworth did not tell us what to do. They showed us what excellence looks like and encouraged us to take risks.”

Dr. Thomas Randle

Superintendent, Lamar CISD

An image of Dr. Thomas Randle, Superintendent in Lamar CISD, smiling during a Holdsworth Center session.

Aldine ISD

  • 8,100Staff and faculty
  • 82Schools
  • 67,234Students served
  • 89%Economically disadvantaged

Arlington ISD

  • 8,283Staff and faculty
  • 77Schools
  • 61,020Students served
  • 65%Economically disadvantaged

Grand Prairie ISD

  • 3,803Staff and faculty
  • 43Schools
  • 29,266Students served
  • 72%Economically disadvantaged

Harlingen CISD

  • 2,807Staff and faculty
  • 30Schools
  • 18,371Students served
  • 78%Economically disadvantaged

Judson ISD

  • 3,102Staff and faculty
  • 30Schools
  • 23,108Students served
  • 63%Economically disadvantaged

Klein ISD

  • 7,050Staff and faculty
  • 47Schools
  • 52,896Students served
  • 40%Economically disadvantaged

Lamar CISD

  • 3,853Staff and faculty
  • 41Schools
  • 32,051Students served
  • 41%Economically disadvantaged

Lockhart ISD

  • 684Staff and faculty
  • 9Schools
  • 5,901Students served
  • 72%Economically disadvantaged

Mesquite ISD

  • 5,384Staff and faculty
  • 48Schools
  • 40,932Students served
  • 75%Economically disadvantaged

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

  • 4,370Staff and faculty
  • 44Schools
  • 32,667Students served
  • 91%Economically disadvantaged

Round Rock ISD

  • 6,431Staff and faculty
  • 55Schools
  • 48,919Students served
  • 26%Economically disadvantaged

Southwest ISD

  • 1,847Staff and faculty
  • 18Schools
  • 13,843Students served
  • 82%Economically disadvantaged

Spring ISD

  • 4,948Staff and faculty
  • 38Schools
  • 36,079Students served
  • 70%Economically disadvantaged

Our partner districts

Our goal with each cohort is to represent the diversity of Texas. We select districts who are ready, willing and able to grow and lead strategic change across the organization, and who demonstrate a commitment to leadership development. Our 13 partner districts employ a total of 60,000 faculty and staff educating more than 460,000 students.

Our selection process
Photo of district leader talking with young students in a classroom.
Photo of Dr. Joffrey Jones, Executive Director of Campus Safety and Support at Klein ISD, smiling during a Holdsworth Center session.

Holdsworth has impacted our district inside and out. We've employed programs and change that will forever be with the district.”

Dr. Joffrey Jones

Executive Director of Campus Safety & Support, Klein ISD