As superintendents, kids depend on us. When we come here, we can focus on getting better without all the noise to distract us.”

Dr. Roosevelt Nivens

Superintendent, Lamar CISD

Dr. Roosevelt Nivens, Superintendent of Lamar CISD, is photographed at The Holdsworth Center at the Campus on Lake Austin.
Dr. Thomas Randle, superintendent-in-residence at The Holdsworth Center, is photographed during a Superintendent Leadership Program session at The Campus on Lake Austin.

Superintendent Leadership Program

This is a critical moment for public education in Texas, with historic challenges that will take extraordinary leadership. Navigating recovery and seizing opportunities for transformative change will be critical and necessary for stronger, more innovative and more equitable schools.

As the leader of their district, superintendents will play a key role in helping staff, students and community members forge a new path.

The superintendent's job has always been difficult. Today, it is even more challenging and complex. Recently, Texas has seen an uptick in superintendent retirements, a trend that is expected to continue for the next several years.

This means Texas school districts will be seating a new cadre of superintendents who are new to the role or leading a much larger and more complex district than they have in the past.

In one of the most challenging periods in the history of public education, we believe we can do more to support sitting superintendents during these critical years in ways that will better position them to grow into highly effective, long-term leaders who are critical to promoting student success.

“Holdsworth is the best professional growth opportunity and collaborative atmosphere I’ve ever been part of. This is absolutely the best thing that I've experienced not just for me, but for us as a district.”

Mike Martindale

Superintendent, College Station ISD

A tailored approach

The Superintendent Leadership Program is an 18-month program for a cohort of leaders who are in their first five years of the superintendency or are new to a large district, and are likely to have a long runway as a superintendent.

The program is designed to support superintendents as they navigate unprecedented challenges at a critical point in their career.

Curriculum is responsive to the needs of the cohort and extends beyond core leadership skills to provide training and support in the most challenging, high-stakes, and high-leverage aspects of the superintendent’s role, including:

  • Leading with vision and strategy
  • Communication
  • Navigating the external landscape
  • Building a high-performing executive team
Leaders are photographed interacting during a Holdsworth Center Superintendent Leadership Program session at The Campus on Lake Austin.
A photo of leaders gathered on the Campus at Lake Austin pavillion.

Program experience

Throughout the program, superintendents will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend learning sessions at the Campus on Lake Austin to dig into not only essential leadership skills, but content that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of the superintendent role.
  • Receive executive coaching from our Superintendents-in-Residence, Dr. Art Cavazos and Dr. Thomas Randle. Both are recently retired Texas superintendents with exemplary track records. Each superintendent in the program will identify specific goals that they want to achieve through coaching.