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Putting the power to lead into the hands of all employees

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Roland Hernandez, superintendent of Corpus Christi ISD, is pictured listening to a colleague.
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A superintendent embraces the power of listening

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Gabe Trujillo, superintendent of Nacogdoches ISD, is photographed during a Holdsworth Center Superintendent Leadership Program at the Campus on Lake Austin.
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Growing into the superintendent’s role

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Ashley Chohlis, superintendent of Poth ISD, is photographed signing documents at a desk while surrounded by colleagues.
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Advocating for kids from the leadership seat

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Pedro Garcia, pictured with special education teacher Melody Bradley, became the first student with a disability to be named Mr. Grand Prairie High School by his peers.
Natasha Harris, a Principal at Hale Elementary School in Arlington ISD and a member of Holdsworth's Campus Leadership Program, is pictured laughing and interacting with students on campus.

What we do

Driven by the belief that great leaders can push student achievement levels to new heights, we partner with Texas public school districts to help educators become experts at leadership and to grow stronger leaders within their own systems. Founded in 2017 by H-E-B Chairman Charles Butt, Holdsworth makes investments within districts and brings education leaders from across Texas to learn at its Campus on Lake Austin, a one-of-a-kind place dedicated to the idea that public education matters.

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Why leadership?

The ripple effects leaders’ actions have on the 720,000 staff members and 5.5 million students in Texas schools is nothing short of incredible.

We believe stronger leaders will build stronger systems that achieve stronger results for students. This is backed by research showing that after teachers, school leaders have the greatest influence on student outcomes.

Who we serve

By 2028, we are projected to reach more than 4,500 Texas education leaders – including teacher leaders, assistant principals, principals and central office administrators – through the Holdsworth partnership alone. We anticipate serving even more educators through events and additional program offerings.

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A portrait photo of Charles Butt smiling.
Portait of Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth in the 1960s

I named the center for my mom because she was for the kids.”

— Charles Butt

Chairman of H-E-B and founder of The Holdsworth Center

Charles Butt, Chairman of H-E-B, founded The Holdsworth Center in 2017. He named it for his mother, Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth, a former school teacher who inspired in her son a great admiration for educators and a passion for helping all students succeed.

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Anitra Crisp, Principal in Southwest ISD, is pictured on campus wearing a black dress and black mask.