Deniann Grant

ConsultantDistrict Support

Portait photo of Deniann Grant, Consultant

Deniann is a dedicated professional with over seven years of experience in education systems and a diverse skill set in strategic thinking, data analysis, and project management. She is driven by an unwavering belief in the potential for excellence in public education and is committed to empowering education professionals to lead impactful change, fostering student success along the way.

Deniann’s expertise aligns perfectly with the strategic approach to leadership pipeline work in Holdsworth districts.

Prior to joining Holdsworth, she served as assistant director of school improvement at the Texas Education Agency, where she led a team overseeing the implementation of school improvement initiatives for over 600 campuses and 200 districts across Texas. Through her strategic thinking and program development skills, Deniann provided valuable insights that enhanced district systems and supported leaders in driving positive change.

She has also spearheaded various strategic programs and initiatives, including the development of the web-based Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP), Effective Schools Framework Diagnostic, and Turnaround Plans. In previous district and campus roles, Deniann has demonstrated her ability to develop compelling school-wide visions, implement impactful academic systems, and design effective stakeholder engagement strategies.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Deniann finds inspiration in travel, reading, and unleashing her creativity through artistic endeavors. Whether exploring new destinations or diving into captivating books, she constantly seeks new sources of inspiration to fuel her passion for personal growth and professional development.