Keith Boyd of Ellis Elementary in Arlington ISD is pictured smiling with a Holdsworth Center pin on his suit lapel.

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A photo of Dr. Carol Johnson, former superintendent of Boston Public Schools.


Dr. Carol Johnson

Former superintendent of Boston Public Schools

“When Carol hired me to work in central office, she took a chance on someone with a lot of potential, but little experience leading at the district level. She led with a personal, caring touch and a lot of wisdom. I am deeply grateful for her influence on me as a leader, a husband and a father.”

Dr. Irvin Scott

Senior Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education

A photo of Jamie MacDougall, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Arlington ISD.


Jamie MacDougall

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Arlington ISD

“She was the first person I saw who was truly collaborative in her style. She was constantly listening. She seldom made a decision without seeking input from a lot of different people. Her prompts were, ‘Say more,’ and ‘I’m curious about something….’ Those sentences were always in her conversations. And now they are in mine.”

Liznel Gonzalez-Morales

Principal, Crow Leadership Academy, Arlington ISD

A photo of Dr. Diana Natalicio, the late president emeritus of the University of Texas at El Paso.


Dr. Diana Natalicio

President Emerita of the University of Texas at El Paso

“Diana was often the only woman in a room full of men, and she was masterful in how she worked the room. In her speeches and in the way she showed up in the community, she was so solid on her mission, vision and purpose. She always knew what would be compelling to her audience. I wanted to emulate that.”

Pauline Dow

Vice President, The Holdsworth Center

A headshot of Lois Gillespie, retired teacher.


Lois Gillespie

Retired teacher

“Lois was a veteran teacher when I was a 25-year-old elementary principal. In the space of a simple, 30-second conversation she somehow reassured me that it was safe for me to be me, and that I wasn’t alone – we were going to do this together. She as much as anyone defined how I view leadership.”

Quintin Shepherd

Superintendent, Victoria ISD