Gonzalo Salazar, Superintendent of Los Fresnos CISD, is photographed smiling at The Holdsworth Center at the Campus on Lake Austin.

In Holdsworth, you learn things about yourself that you didn't know. You learn better ways to deliver for kids. You’ll never regret this investment because you’ll see a return.”

Gonzalo Salazar

Superintendent, Los Fresnos CISD

Dr. Jeanette Ball, superintendent of Jusdson ISD, gives a thumbs-up gesture to two young students.

Why now?

In today’s challenging environment, many districts are facing leadership benches depleted by promotions, retirements, the pandemic and other pressures. That’s made them hungry to improve, and to see growing strong leaders as critical to delivering on the promise of excellent and equitable outcomes for all Texas students.

We provide access to world-class expertise in leadership and talent development from the education, business and government sectors, and we tailor our programs to meet your needs.


Future cohorts

The application window for the 2023 cohorts closed on October 3, 2022. If you are a district leader interested in joining a future cohort or receiving information about other learning opportunities, click the button below to express interest.

“As educators, we should be lifelong learners. At Holdsworth, we get the opportunity to improve by listening to what other districts are doing, taking those best practices and being critical friends to help push our systems to the next level.”

Dr. Roland Hernandez

Superintendent, Corpus Christi ISD

“Leadership truly matters and should be grounded in everything we do, and Holdsworth ensures that we always keep student outcomes at the forefront.”

Aisley Adams

Aldine ISD

Our impact

To learn more about Holdsworth’s impact within partner districts, click below to access our 2022 Impact Report.

View 2022 Impact Report
Keith Boyd from Arlington ISD is photographed interacting with an Ellis Elementary student.

“I am forever grateful for the time spent here at Holdsworth, for the people that I have met along the way and for the knowledge they have imparted. The support has been phenomenal. This journey will continue, and I look forward to growing and evolving each step of the way.”

Roxanna Robinson

Mesquite ISD

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application period for the Holdsworth Partnership and the Holdsworth Leadership Collaborative?

The application window for the 2023 cohorts closed on October 3, 2022. If you are a district leader interested in joining a future cohort or receiving information about other learning opportunities, click here to express interest.

Can our district apply for both programs?

Yes, but you can only participate in one program at a time.

What are the eligibility requirements for both programs?

Your district is eligible for both programs if you are a Texas public school district serving more than 5,500 students.

What is the timeline for selection?

Sept. 1: 
Application window opens for both programs.

Oct. 3: 
Application window closes for both programs.

Oct. 4 – 14: 
For districts applying to the Partnership, the superintendent and one other district leader participate in a 30-minute Zoom interview with Holdsworth staff.

Oct. 20: 
Holdsworth notifies semifinalist applicants for both the Partnership and Collaborative. The semifinalist application will open for districts selected to advance. The application is more detailed and can be completed in as little as two hours. Districts applying for the Partnership submit supporting documentation, including a letter of support from the Board of Trustees.

Nov. 20: 
Deadline for all semifinalists to submit the semifinalist application with supporting documentation.

Holdsworth notifies finalists for both programs.

Jan. 2 – Feb. 28: 
Finalist districts for the Collaborative participate in Zoom interviews, while districts applying to the Partnership participate in a half-day virtual site visit with Holdsworth staff.

Holdsworth Partnership & Leadership Collaborative districts are named.

How does the Holdsworth Partnership differ from the Leadership Collaborative?

  • The Leadership Collaborative is an 18-month program while the Holdsworth Partnership is a 5-year commitment.
  • The Collaborative involves a team of three – the superintendent and two district leaders – while the Partnership involves the superintendent plus five other district leaders who will spend time focusing on personal growth and leadership development in addition to building knowledge about talent development systems and creating change.
  • The Partnership includes a campus component – approximately 50 percent of all campuses in each district will go through a similar 2-year program as district leaders.
  • The Partnership includes District Support, Holdsworth staff members who embed within the district and work closely with district leaders to help them build talent development systems.

What plans does Holdsworth have to broaden the reach of its programs?

In 2021, we expanded our programming with the addition of the Holdsworth Collaborative and the Superintendent Leadership Program, which is an 18-month experience for a cohort of leaders who are in their first five years of the superintendency or are new to a large district.

We recognize that the needs of small districts differ from larger ones. Working with a handful of smaller districts now is giving us the opportunity to study their unique needs and plan for how to best support them in the future.

For the first time this year, we are opening eligibility to all districts in Texas (serving 5,500 students or more). In the past, we limited geography because we wanted to be sensitive to the time, travel and expense this creates for districts.