Kalyani Thakur

Research Data Analyst

Kalyani began her career in India, at Capgemini as a technology consultant performing an array of responsibilities such as collecting customer requirements, drafting technical documents, developing dashboards and working with cross-functional teams. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to a data analyst role where she collaborated with the human resources team to analyze and monitor employee skillsets in order to design training plans for them.

Working as a data analyst Kalyani has gained expertise in Excel and SQL as well as hands-on experience in R, Python and Tableau for analyzing, interpreting and visualizing data. She spent 3 years of her professional life at Capgemini developing her data analysis and problem-solving skills and has experience in quantitative and predictive analytics from her academic experience.

Kalyani received her bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Mumbai, India and completed her master’s in business analytics from the University of Texas at Dallas. With both her parents working as lecturers, she has tried her hand at teaching as a substitute teacher in an elementary school in India. She is interested in improving her knowledge in machine learning and the data science domain.