Dr. Lindsay Whorton


Dr. Lindsay Whorton was a founding member of The Holdsworth Center.  As the Managing Director of District Support, she designed and executed the strategy for supporting partner districts in their efforts to identify, develop, select, and support great leaders. In April 2018, she was named Vice President and Dean.

Prior to the launch in January 2017, Lindsay worked with the Holdsworth Center Organizing Board, which convened from 2015-2016, to develop the blueprint for its inaugural program.

Lindsay was selected as a 2009 Rhodes Scholar and earned a master’s degree of Comparative Social Policy and a doctorate in Social Policy from Oxford University. Her research at Oxford focused on the role of teachers’ unions in education reform. While at Oxford, Lindsay also coached the University women’s basketball team.

During her time at Oxford, Lindsay spent a year at the University of Helsinki, where she was a Fulbright Scholar. During that year, she visited schools and classrooms to understand Finland’s world-renowned teacher education system. In 2015, Routledge published her book Teachers Unions and Education Reform in Comparative Contexts.

After completing her DPhil from Oxford, Lindsay served as the Legislative Director for Colorado State Senator Mike Johnston. She also led the Urban Leaders Fellowship, which recruits up-and-coming leaders from across the country and builds their skills in policy and leadership.

Lindsay worked in the retail sector with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Washington D.C. from 2013-2015. She was recruited to Holdsworth after supporting the Organizing Board through a secondment from BCG.

Having earned degrees in English and secondary education at Drake University in Iowa, she currently serves on Board of Trustees.  She was a captain of the women’s basketball team, an Academic-All American, the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament MVP, a 2-time MVC champion, and an NCAA tournament participant.