Richard L. Owens

District Support Consultant

Richard Owens began his career in the classroom teaching 5th grade math and science, and later joined Teach for America in a variety of roles. As manager of teacher leadership development, Richard collected data and set goals for cohorts of approximately 30 teachers. As a director, Richard managed a team of three teacher coaches that supported 100 teachers, impacting the achievement of approximately 5,000 students.

After serving a year in that role, Richard became managing director, impacting approximately 12,000 students through the development of teacher coaches.

In his most recent position with Teach for America, as a senior managing director, Richard built a community of more than 600 equity-driven corps members and alumni. With a focus on the power of diversity, Richard increased team composition from 25 to 45 percent people of color with varied backgrounds and experiences. He also designed and led staff learning experiences focused on the integration of personal values, cultivated relationships with key stakeholders that resulted in over $1 million in revenue for the organization and fostered an organizational culture that contributed to a 20 percent increase in teacher satisfaction.

Richard earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Georgia.