Dr. Dan McCormack

Senior Data Analyst

Portait photo of Dr. Dan McCormack, Senior Data Analyst

Dr. Dan McCormack believes public education is the bedrock of a healthy democracy and a powerful tool to level systemic inequality. He works to support the mission of the Holdsworth Center by conceptualizing and measuring the center’s interventions to understand how we can better serve districts in delivering quality public education to all children in the state.

Before joining The Holdsworth Center, Dan worked at the Gerson Lehrman Group, where he designed and fielded survey instruments on behalf of financial services clients.

Dan holds a doctorate in political science from The University of Texas at Austin, where his dissertation won the 2016 Outstanding Dissertation Award in Social Sciences, Business, and Education. He spent the following two years on a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed a book investigating sources of international conflict.

Throughout his academic career Dan has worked as an educator, including serving as a writing tutor at his undergraduate institution, a course instructor at The University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania, and a mathematics tutor to underserved communities in both Austin and Philadelphia.

Dan is a graduate of Williamson County Schools in Franklin, Tennessee. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, writing, hiking and a good cheeseburger from a dive bar. A history buff, he has two cats named Henry Kittenger and Madeleine Pawbright.