Dr. Liz Garcia


Portait photo of Dr. Liz Garcia, Director

Dr. Liz Garcia uses her knack for navigating interpersonal dynamics and building psychologically safe environments to help leaders engage in the vulnerability and self-reflection needed for growth. She supports them in creating developmental goals and implementing personal growth plans to ensure they get the most out of their Holdsworth experience.

While the foundation of what it means to teach and learn was laid in her early experience as an elementary school teacher, the majority of Liz’s career has been dedicated to leadership development through coaching, facilitating adult learning and organizational development. She is most passionate about creating safe spaces for people to reflect upon and own their stories so that they can show up more authentically as daring leaders.

Liz holds certifications in a variety of curriculums, including Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and Influencer; True Colors; and Dr. Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™.

Prior to joining The Holdsworth Center Liz founded Courageous Feats, where she created customized coaching and workshop experiences for leaders and organizations. Previously, she served as the national director of coaching for Leading Educators and led the Coaching and Leadership Development Center out of the Region 13 Education Service Center.

Liz holds a master’s and a doctorate in educational administration from Texas State University, where her research focused on understanding how our stories impact the way we show up in our work and in our lives.

Liz was named the 2019 Texas Big Sister of the year for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She lives in Austin with her two rescue dogs, Ferris and Hannah Blue.