Dr. Michael Greenwalt

DirectorCampus Programs

Portait photo of Dr. Michael Greenwalt, Director

Dr. Michael Greenwalt joins The Holdsworth Center with 25 years of experience in the education field and a strong belief that education, rooted in good teaching and leadership, is indispensable for all. According to Michael, every educator’s goal should be to work tirelessly to open a door of opportunity for each student.

Prior to joining Holdsworth, Michael served as senior coordinator of continuous improvement at the Region 13 Education Service Center in Austin, where he led a team of 20 dynamic individuals in providing planning, coaching, and other skill-building services and supports to schools and districts throughout the state. Previously, he served as a director within the School Improvement Division of the Texas Education Agency, a director at the Texas Center for District and School Support, and a campus principal and teacher.

Michael specializes in effective planning, creative thinking, conceptual and practical design of coordinated programs and grants, engaging presentations, influential speaking and writing, leading the collaboration of multiple partners, leadership coaching, and team building.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University, a master’s in education from Schreiner University in Kerrville and a doctorate in education from The University of Texas at Austin.

Michael is a graduate of Medina ISD and grew up in a children’s home. He has met Michelle Obama and her dog, sung in a barbershop quartet, worked as a hospital and hospice chaplain, and he juggles.