Shehzaad Ali

Lead CoachCampus Programs

Portait photo of Shehzaad Ali, Lead Coach

Shehzaad Ali is a systemic thinker with a wealth of experience in multi-state school reform, coaching school leadership teams, and designing and implementing school transformations. He believes that coaching supports leadership at all levels and strives to maximize potential and opportunity with leaders.

Shehzaad’s broad base of knowledge comes from his time as a school evaluator, where he assessed schools and educational systems in six different states. He has nine years of experience as a teacher and school administrator at all levels.

Prior to joining Holdsworth, Shehzaad was director of Houston A+ Challenge and YES Prep, where he designed, built and facilitated leadership training and coaching systems aimed at preparing education leaders for 21st century opportunities. At Partners in School Innovation in California, Shehzaad led a team that supported district-level transformation through intentional alignment and cycle of inquiry.

Shehzaad holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s in education leadership and policy from the University of Ottawa, and a bachelor’s degree in educational leadership from Brock University in Canada.

When Shehzaad isn’t chauffeuring his three kids around town, he loves to spend time behind the drums, on his bike or building live edge furniture in his garage.