Dr. Tricia Baumer

Lead Learning DesignerSuperintendent Programs

Portait photo of Dr. Tricia Baumer, Lead Learning Designer

Tricia Baumer’s more than 20 years of experience in education profession spans the gamut of the educational system, from private to public, PK-12th grade, and time spent researching at an institute of higher education.

Most recently, Tricia worked as an independent consultant partnering with organizations focused on education reform.

Baumer started her career as a teacher in Jacksonville, Florida with Notre Dame’s ACE Teaching Fellows program. She became a principal while completing the Remick Leadership Program.

While earning a doctorate at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tricia became the founding director of Dallas ISD’s Office of Transformation and Innovation, where she designed operational systems focused on equity and representation of historically marginalized populations.

Baumer continued that work at San Antonio ISD, establishing the Office of Innovation and the Office of Access and Enrollment Services and serving on the district’s executive team.

She also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, as well as a master’s in educational administration from the University of Notre Dame. Her work-life balance comes in the form of taking epic road trips with her husband and their four children, exploring state and national parks and learning random bits of pop culture.