Westley DeShazer

Lead Learning DesignerCampus Programs

Portait photo of Westley DeShazer, Lead Learning Designer

As the son of generational educators, Westley DeShazer has lived and led on both sides of the classroom. He has carried the values of speaking well and listening more throughout his career of over two decades in support of the many needs of multi-sector and cross-sectional learners.

Near the end of earning his bachelor’s degree in industrial technology, a providential opportunity brought Westley face-to-face with a summer workshop full of K-12 teachers. At the time, this groundbreaking cohort needed to understand how “this internet thing” could possibly be so important to their classrooms. At that moment, he started on a path that launched his career as Director of the Instructional Resources Center for the College of Education at Mississippi State University. He then led the design and development of multiple learning programs as a Senior Manager of Instructional Design for financial brokerage firm Charles Schwab & Co.

Westley’s career reflects a proven pursuit of building confidence, clarity and a clearly communicated message into every moment of learning. Returning to his education roots, he works to support the mission of The Holdsworth Center by strengthening the personal connection between why educators perform and their authentic belief in the outcomes of their students.

Westley is a graduate of Clarksdale Public Schools in Clarksdale, Mississippi. A recent transplant from Phoenix to Austin, Westley holds a master’s degree in education technology from Mississippi State University. With his beloved wife, he shares the joy of parenting three daughters and four sons—and makes room actively for ministry, music, and many things creative.